Greetings From CH Fitness for Women

Your Path to Wellness Starts TODAY!

As women, we are constantly trying to navigate through what society deems to socially acceptablable behavior. We receive ongoing subliminal messages regarding how we should look, what we should eat, how to dress, and what to feel, the list goes on. Through it all, we often loose what makes us who we are.

I created CHF4W to help women take control of their physical, mental, and spiritual self. My goal is to offer a program that encourages women to take care of themselves, by learning to listen to what their individual body needs, I hope that women will begin to know their own worth and begin to lift up one another.

Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete, CH Fitness for Women can help you create balance, reach your goals and get into the best shape of your life. 

Certifications include: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Mind/Body Specialist, Nutritional Specialist, Weight Management Specialist,Youth Fitness Specialist, RYT-200 along with many other certifications that I use to create well rounded fitness programs . 


Online Small Group Training

Predesigned workouts for small groups


Functional Training

Workouts that improve daily activity performance.

Online Personal Training

Train anytime anywhere

Like one-on-one training in person, you can get workouts tailored to your goals and fitness level. You will receive a formulated plan to help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space. I prefer to specialize in body and lifestyle transformations, not just weight loss, and with the use of physical training, nutritional changes, and improvements in thinking to help you reach your goals you can achieve goals faster! Try online training today.


Virtual Classes